Facials & Peels

Facials & Peels




Facials & Peels


Our licensed aesthetician will assess your specific skin type and discuss your concerns and goals. The face is cleansed, toned, extractions may be performed, and mask is applied. Other products may be used to address your particular skin concerns.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel
A chemical solution is applied to the skin to help exfoliate. Regenerated skin is typically smoother and less wrinkled. Our licensed aesthetician will choose the best peel based on your skin type and concerns.

Lunchtime Peel
This is a quick treatment to help remove dead skin cells revealing healthy, younger skin, increase collagen production to plump and reduce wrinkles, kill bacteria that can cause acne and breakouts, and improve overall skin tone.  Little to no flaking occurs after this peel, so there’s no downtime – just great skin!

Advanced Chemical Peel
A deeper peel than the basic chemical peel to help address discoloration, fine lines, scarring and overall skin texture.

3 Step Chemical Peel
Innovative, in-office treatment peel followed by an at-home treatment to combat the signs of aging and skin discoloration.  The treatment utilizes a blend of exfoliants, retinol and muti-action agents to help improve skin health and treat many signs of aging.  This is a powerfully effective method of treating fine lines, sun damage, dull skin, melasma, and uneven texture concerns.


Dermaplaning is a treatment where the outermost layer of dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) are removed with a custom blade. The treatment is painless and can help products used during a peel or other treatment to absorb better and enhance results. There is no downtime, and you’ll experience instant results.

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